Our hazardous waste management work involves the collection, transportation, processing, recycling, treatment, disposal of hazard class I-IV waste (main types: pumping of oily liquid, emulsions waste, oil product and oil sludge mixtures, waste oils and fuel oil, drill slurries and solutions):

- Waste collection - reception of waste for further treatment.

- Waste transportation - movement of waste by vehicles between the places or sites where it is created, accumulated, stored, recycled, buried and/or destroyed.

- Waste processing - preliminary preparation of waste, including sorting, disassembly, cleaning, further treatment.

- Waste recycling - use of production and consumption wastes as secondary resources after processing.

- Waste treatment - processing of waste, incineration and (or) treatment of waste at specialized facilities, which reduces the quantity of waste and/or its hazard level, in order to prevent the harmful impact of waste on human health and the environment.

- Waste disposal - storage and burial of waste.

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